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Convenience and simplicity

We turn hiring talented staff into a piece of cake. Searching for the right man or woman doesn’t take long anymore. And processing an infinite amount of applications? It’s a thing of the past. Especially after corona. You only receive notifications of interesting profiles that match your vacancy. And if there are no responses, then Deats will help you further!

Quality candidates

Talent is our main focus and that’s why we reverse the application process. We focus on the top 20% of the labor market: ambitious go-getters who are ready for a new challenge.

Deats connects and advises

Deats looks at the wishes and needs of both employers and employees. Through the combination of our HR knowledge with clever use of big data and technology, we discover your best matches. It also helps us to filter preferences such as working times and job location. This saves you time!

Horeca personeel is schaars

Bijna 90.000 medewerkers hebben elders een baan gezocht door de corona situatie. Via Deats brengen we jou in contact met echte horeca talenten die staan te springen om weer terug te stappen in de horeca. Al voordat ze actief op zoek gaan.

Transparent and anonymous

We’re a big protector of privacy. Both for the employee and the employer. This means that you will only receive information about an employee if the concerning person wants to get into contact with you. Moreover, an employee – or co-employer – can’t see if you’re looking for a new job. This way, you won’t worry your staff if you’re curious about work that might suit you better.

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Go-getters do not always apply

They are applied for. And that’s exactly what Deats enables. About 80% of the employees who’d like to switch jobs, are not actively looking. These so-called latent work seekers already have a job, but miss something. They want more. They want improvement.

Through Deats, we get these employees and their wishes into contact with you. You indicate what kind of employees you’re searching for, and our algorithm matches you to the best candidates.

After your application

  • Our algorithms present profiles which fit both your wishes and those of the go-getters.
  • Click on ‘match’ and the go-getter receives your offer.
Is the go-getter interested? Then we’ll share the contact information with you. There is a match.
It’s up to you to set an appointment and recruit the go-getter.

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