Deats has derived out of a passion for the hospitality industry. Through us, you will find a job or staff in hospitality in a completely new way.

The current application procedure is long overdue for a renewal. It was necessary in a tight labor market pre-corona. And it’s definitely necessary after the coronavirus crisis.
Skilled and happy staff is the key to success. Deats enables the best matchmaking, because we reverse the application process. Therefore, we make it a lot easier, quicker and more efficient.

No more surfing on job websites, receiving emails of new vacancies, creating resumés, writing motivation letters, going for an interview and hoping that you’ll get the job – the current job hunt process is simply outdated. And the really talented people who already have a hospitality job, but might be looking for a new challenge, could easily be scared off by a daunting application process. That’s a shame, because exactly those people are often the most interesting for an employer!

Maybe you were lucky enough to attain all of your staff during the coronavirus crisis, but maybe not. One thing is certain: you want to be up and running like before as quickly as possible. That goes hand in hand with taking every chance to grow and make up for the past few months. A slow application process won’t help you with that. However, Deats will. Because if you have the opportunity to grow and you’re in search of good staff, then you can just take a look in our pool of available job-seekers and apply for the go-getter that fits within your company.

Moreover, it also provides you with the opportunity to increase the quality of your staff. You might not be in direct need for a new employee, but it’s always clever to check if really talented people are available for a new job.

Curious how it works? Then apply here if you work in the hospitality industry and contact us if you’re a hospitality entrepreneur.



Our vision

In 2030, more than half of all hospitality employees have found a job through Deats. That’s our goal. We believe that by specializing in hospitality jobs in combination with using the latest technology and the right (personal) guidance, we can bring hospitality in the Netherlands to the next level. That counts in times of growth and in times of crisis.

How do we do that? By matching the right people with the right jobs in a smart, personal and efficient way.


A hospitality sector that flourishes with happy employers, employees and guests.

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