• via it begins: this is where you create a profile!
  • Fill in your personal data, and indicate at which email address we can reach you. Of course, it’s also the email address that you use to log into Deats.
  • Oh, and this is important: via Deats, you can offer your profile anonymously to interesting employers. You can set this up in your profile after registering. Pretty convenient when you want to keep your search under the radar. When registering, you can use your real data.
  • Registration succeeded? Nice. Then you’ll receive a confirmation mail with a link to the platform to log in. You now have access to our Deats platform.
    You can also log in via or through our website
  • Are you actively looking for work? Then it goes like this: we reverse the application process. That’s why we have better vacancies and better employers. Why? Employers don’t need to write a vacancy, and we simplify the hiring process. The chances are bigger that you receive a fun job offer quickly through Deats, than that you search on vacancy websites yourself. Easy breezy, right?
  • And if you’re already working and you’re passively looking for a new job, or your just open to any new challenge, then that’s possible, too:
    you have the option to create an anonymous profile. Afterwards, employers can express interest in your profile. Self-evidently, they only do this when they want to meet your job demands. In your profile, you can choose a fictive name, which is then visible to employers. Don’t worry about your personal data. These are only disclosed to an employer if you give permission to this employer. You can do this by liking the employer back. This means you’re in control!

Create a profile

  • Fill in your address. This is important, because the system automatically calculates the distance to your new employer. This way, you know for sure that you never have to travel too far for a next job.
  • Are you actively looking for a job? Then upload a representative profile picture. Maybe even one of you at work! That appeals most to the imagination, of course.
  • Are you passively looking and would you rather remain anonymous? No worries.Just don’t upload a profile picture and use the fictive names in the profile. Then we make sure that you’re always available on the basis of your wishes and your profile, but this doesn’t lead back to you.
  • Answer the questions per category in the profile: Basic info, Work experience, Ambition, Fun Facts, and Education. It’s most fun to be as specific as possible. The more complete your profile, the bigger the chance that employers are interested in you!
  • You can also add links to your Instagram or other social media. Maybe you have a fun profile on Insta where you show all kinds of pictures of beautiful dishes. Or a YouTube video in which you are mixing all kinds of cocktails! These are only visible after you’re matched with an employer. Just like your contact data.
  • Do you need any help? We’re there for you via mail: or via phone: +31 (0)20 399 7663. In the Deats-platform, you also find a pop up screen at the bottom right with these data.


Create your wish list

Afterwards we’ll get into contact with you!

  • Your wish list is the most fun and important part of Deats. Here, you decide how you want your next job to look. Think of your ideal hospitality business, the best working times, and last but not least, your wished salary!
  • As you understand, it’s best to be as clear and concrete as possible with your wishes. Don’t get what we mean with a question? At the info icon, we explain the question.
  • It’s not obligated to fill in all of the questions. Yet: the more extensive your answers are, the bigger the chance that employers want to get to know you better. And consequently show interest in you.
  • It’s very likely that you don’t have the means to travel far for work. That’s why you can indicate the maximum distance to work in your wish list! Our system calculates this automatically. In other words: no offers in Maastricht when you live in Groningen. Quite handy, right?
  • With your availability, you fill in all of your possible working times. Are you flexible or are you searching for a full time job? Then tick all the boxes with working days – you can always discuss the definitive working days later on with your employer.
  • Then: your salary! Of course, you work in the hospitality industry because you like it. But if you’re honest, then you also want to be rewarded well, right? That’s why we think it’s important that you can specify a salary indication. Be realistic about this: definitely don’t ask a salary that’s too low, but be careful about an amount that’s way too high. Fill in ‘1 euro’ if you’d like to discuss this in a conversation with the employer after a match.
  • Save your wish list via ‘save changes’. You’ll then receive a confirmation email with the request for a phone call with a Deats HR specialist. Then we’ll go over everything with you.

Add pictures in your personal gallery

  • We recommend adding pictures to your personal gallery. These pictures are visible for the employers, so this is – next to the links to your socials – your best business card. Of course you know which pictures describe you the best. It might be you on fire during an event, as a super skilled bartender or with the cleanest dishes anyone has ever seen.
  • As we said before, you can also link your social media in your Basic info. These links are only visible after there is a match between you and an employer. That’s why you can see your gallery as a sneak peek! In other words: it’s the first way to get a glance of you. That’s why we recommend both linking to socials and adding pictures to your profile.

Making an appointment with a Deats HR specialist

  • After filling in your wish list, we’d like to call you for a conversation. We’re naturally curious to know who you are, so we want to get acquainted with you!
  • Our HR specialist goes through your profile and wish list with you, and advises you when there are tips.
  • The HR specialist will then also explain how Deats works, so you get our new way of working.
  • Of course there’s also the possibility to ask questions! We’d like to give you extra information that’s important to you.
  • After the conversation, we’ll approve your profile and then you’re visible to hospitality employers. Now you can sit back and relax!

Receive Likes and Match with employers

  • You receive likes from employers who are interested in your profile and want to meet your wishes. Consider it a professional token of approval.
  • When receiving a like from an employer, you get an email notification. That’s why it’s important to check if you’ve received our earlier emails.Then you can get into action right away!
  • Have you received a like from an employer? Cool! Check if the employer and the offer meet your wishes. Satisfied and curious? Then click on ‘match’.
  • Are you not sure? Then we still recommend that you match. A cup of coffee is always a possibility. And a personal conversation usually gives a better impression of the employer and the possibilities that go with the job. You can always refuse the definitive offer. That’s no problem at all.
  • Do you really not see any links between you and the employer? Then click ‘cancel’. This way, our system learns that this was not a good offer. Furthermore, you show the employer that you’re not interested in their offer.
  • Has an employer liked you, and are you fond of the offer as well? Perfect, then you have a match!
    This is the moment that your personal details are disclosed to the employer. The employer receives a notification for this. Your social media might get a visit as well now.
  • The employer consequently contacts you for a meeting.
  • Good luck with the conversation! It will probably go well!

Positive conversation with the employer and you accept their offer

  • High five, you did it! Congratulations and good luck with your new job!
  • Let us know if you have actually found a new job.
  • Switch off your account on Deats until you are searching for a new job again. Who knows, maybe you’re curious for another challenge in a while.

You don’t accept the offer or the conversation didn’t go wel

  • Too bad, but you might have more luck with the next conversation.
  • A match on Deats doesn’t automatically mean that you have a new job. We are there to help you receive more likes.
  • Wait for the next likes, match and engage in conversations with other interesting employers. Patience is always rewarded!!


  • Like

    Employers show through a ‘like’ that they like your profile and wish list. With a like, they also give you an offer that you can talk about together.

  • Match

    Do you like the employer back by accepting it? Then you have a match. Your personal data is now disclosed to the employer, so the employer can contact you. contact met je op kan nemen.

  • Wish list

    This is the wish list that your new job needs to meet. This way, you are the one that gets applied for.