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Hospitality sector in the Netherlands is looking for you!

In the Netherlands, there is a shortage of people in the hospitality industry. This means that lots of restaurants, hotels and bars are willing to pay high salaries for good employees! Are you a hospitality professional and looking for a cool and well-paid job abroad? Then you can take your chance. Apply for a hospitality job in Amsterdam right now!

It will be the adventure of a lifetime. And if you want to work together with your friend(s), then we can make that happen. We will guide you through your move to Amsterdam, and take care of your housing. Sounds good, right!

What are the requirements?


It is important that you can speak English.


You have experience in the hospitality industry.


You see yourself as a professional and want to take the next step in your career.


You are willing to move to the Netherlands for a job.

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Which companies are looking for you?

We’ve got a big network of hospitality companies. Curious which of them would like to add you to their team?


Who are we?

Deats has derived out of a passion for the hospitality industry. We help people with getting the most fun jobs in hotels, bars and restaurants in the Netherlands! We do this by creating a profile with you on Deats. This profile is visible to all kinds of restaurant, bar and hotel owners. They will make you a work offer. Think of beautiful places like Ron Gastrobar, Renato’s, The Grasshopper and The Harbour Club. We will actively promote your profile with these clients. Is there a match between you and the employer? Then you can get to know each other online, before you make the final decision. And if you are both excited to start working together, then we will help you move to the Netherlands!


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